BLItz System and Accessories

BLItz® System

Part No: BLITZ


BLItz system for quantitation and kinetics using label-free, real-time analysis.

BLItz® System Drop Holder, 6 Pack

Part No: 45-5004

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Drop Holder for use in BLItz system.

BLItz® System Lamp Change Kit

Part No: 45-5002

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Kit for customer performed lamp change on BLItz system.

Depot Service Agreement BLItz® System

Part No: 98-0007

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Depot Service Agreement for BLItz system.

IQOQ Validation Manual and Testing Kit for BLItz® System

Part No: 41-0162

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Installation and operation (IQ/OQ) documentation and testing kit for the BLItz system.